Another installer issue - January 26, 2017

A user named JonEReb in the forums has uncovered a problem with the installer for the Last Resort mod (version 0.7.1).

If someone doesn't have a path entry to Swat 3 in their Windows Registry the installer gets confused and doesn't know where to install the files to.   Most people have this entry in their Windows Registry so I don't think the problem would affect many.  I originally designed the installer to handle this situation but somehow in a recent update one variable name was changed.

I also noticed another flaw in the installer that existed for years that is related to checking for proper path and version for Swat 3.

A new version of the Last Resort mod is being tested (version 0.7.2).   When it is released you won't need to download this new version unless the Last Resort mod couldn't automatically find your Swat 3 install and gave errors during the install.

UPDATE:   v0.7.2 is available now on the download page.


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