SWAT 3 Video Fix


The Problem:


You are probably reading this after you installed Swat 3 and tried running it for the first time.  You got a strange error or crash to desktop as the game is starting up.  Maybe you got a vague DirectX error about "DDERR_GENERIC". What the heck is going on?!


The Cause:


The movies in SWAT 3 are encoded in a video format that is no longer supported by Windows. I know it sounds silly but Swat 3's movies are causing your game to crash.  Although the videos are in .AVI format they are encoded with a codec (Indeo Video codec) that Microsoft no longer supports in newer operating systems. If you wish, you can read more detailed information about the Indeo Video codec at Wikipedia




There are two different solutions to fix this problem. One method is to replace all of the movies with versions that are encoded with the popular Xvid codec. The other solution is to install an alternate compatible codec that will allow you to play the original Swat 3 movies.


Solution 1: Xvid movies (recommended):


Download the re-encoded Swat 3 movies (32.6 MB) and UNZIP them into the Swat 3 folder (the directory that the Swat 3 game files are installed into)


You will be asked if you want to overwrite the original files. Say 'yes'.


You may also need the Xvid codec installed (you may already have it installed if you have been able to watch a movie or television show that you downloaded from the internet).


Solution 2: Replacement Codec pack:


I have never used this but a lot of people report success in the GOG.com forums by installing the CCCP: Combined Community Codec Pack.

I have scanned the files with Avast and both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions are clean at the time of this writing.  Of course always scan .EXE files yourself just for you own safety and peace of mind.

Important Note: a few users mentioned in the Steam forums that they had to use the 32-bit version of the CCCP Pack to get it to work with Swat 3 even though they had a 64-bit machine.



CD version of Swat 3 still doesn't work!


If you have an original retail version of Swat 3 on CD-ROM you may find you have problems getting it to run. The problem is that the Safedisk copy protection is not compatible with modern versions of Windows. You will need to either download a NO-CD crack from GameCopyWorld or use the Last Resort mod (it comes with modified No-CD cracks). Don't forget to make sure your game is patched to the latest version first though!




Xvid converted movies generously hosted by Tactical Ape


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