Last Resort Launcher v0.7 beta 2 - December 27, 2015

I finished the changes to the Last Resort Launcher to include a backup and restore button for the Swat.cfg file.   Why is this useful?   If you have a game crash or if you use the Galaxy app to verify your Swat 3 files the Swat.cfg can get damaged.   All your key assignments are lost and you have to manually re-assign everything including your sound and video settings.

With a backup/restore button this is no longer a big issue.

This new feature is also useful if you use dgVoodoo since you can backup your Swat.cfg once you have it configured properly (makes it easy to restore to a working copy of Swat.cfg if you once again get that "Can't set 2D mode" error).

I haven't released this version of the beta test yet since I wanted to go over all of the Last Resort Launcher code for any other ways I can improve the code and make it more "idiot proof".

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