Summer Is Almost Over Already - August 29, 2015

No I haven't forgotten about this project.  Last weekend I moved all the various new textures into the proper folders in preparation for packaging up for release.    It has been far too long between releases (years!) and I doubt there are very many Swat 3 players out there. I am doing this as a creative outlet in between playing modern games such as GTA 5, Company of Heroes 2, Civ 5, Sniper Elite 3, etc.

When I work on new replacement textures I make a special mod folder and activate it as I work on a map.   For instance for the first mission I create a mod folder called "Mission_A_new" and put all of the original textures from the game in there unzipped.  I will run the map and look for textures that look especially offensive and that would benefit the most from fixing.   At the end of the process I am left with the new textures and a lot of the original textures.   I have to sort them by the last modified date and then copy and paste them into the Last Resort folder.

To be honest, it has been so long since the last release of the mod that I don't remember some of the fixes and changes that I have made.   Yes, I tried to keep my READ ME file updated with the changes but I am sure a few things will slip through the documentation.

I recently updated my laptop to Windows 10 in the hopes of testing everything on the new operating system.   I want to see if I can get Swat 3 to even run without any mods.

Hopefully I can find a few people to beta test this release before I post it on the website.   I will keep you updated here on the blog as that date gets closer.    I probably won't have much free time until mid September to work on it.

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