Testing Phase - December 8, 2020

All the new code changes are done to the Last Resort launcher and the menu graphic files to support the NeuWon multiplayer server.   I have to start the testing phase over again though because there was enough code changes to warrant final complete checking if I buggered something up.

In my last blog entry I mentioned adding the feature to turn off the Last Resort custom menus while still keeping the mod active.   I started to code a checkbox on the "Other Settings" tab to turn off the menus and realized shortly that this complicated things immensely.   After sleeping on it for the night I determined that it would be a lot easier (and more logical) that I simply included it as a radio button on the 2D menu tab of the launcher.


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After the testing phase is over I will probably release another beta for people in the community to help check for bugs if they wish to do so.

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