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The Last Resort launcher code update is almost complete.   All features work and now I just need to test it out on all versions of Swat 3 (CD, and Steam versions).   I also need to throw some worst case scenarios at it see how it handles mangled .cfg and .ini files since Swat 3's crashes can do some funky things.  I also have to anticipate what crazy things people might do to their Swat 3 installs.

A new feature that I added to the LR Launcher is that if you don't have any iinterest in hearing Custom Chat sound files then if you delete a specific folder the whole Custom Chat tab in the Launcher will be disappear.   The installer for the LR mod will also ask you if you want to use Custom Chats and won't create this special folder in the first place if you don't want to.

I have decided to call the next release version 8.0 due to so many changes in the code in terms of having to update for Visual Studio 2019.

I have never worked with manifest files yet either and need to learn it's use.   The Last Resort launcher needs to be run with admin rights and from my understanding the manifest file will help tell Windows this requirement and prompt the user.

After all the Launcher changes are done then the final part is I need to work on updating the installer package.   The NeuWon update version of the Last Resort mod is getting so close now I can almost taste it.  Perhaps a month away with luck!


Top image with custom chats feature enabled. Bottom image has it turned off. Click images to enlarge.

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