Resolutions in Last Resort

1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #652 by Slippery Jim
Resolutions in Last Resort was created by Slippery Jim
Since I am starting to work on the 2D menus to make them compatible with NeuWon I was wondering if it is time to revisit the resolutions supported by the Last Resort mod. When I started working on the mod so many years ago CRT monitors were still a thing.

According to Steam stats these are the most popular monitor resolutions for gaming:

1920 x 1080 - 48.78%
1366 x 768 - 21.53%
1600 x 900 - 5.43%
1440 x 900 - 4.31%
1280 x 1024 - 3.25%
1680 x 1050 - 3.19%

Obviously 1366x768 is popular with 15" laptop screens and is a resolution I should think about supporting.

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1 year 15 hours ago - 1 year 7 hours ago #793 by Slippery Jim
Replied by Slippery Jim on topic Resolutions in Last Resort
Below are proposed changes to Last Resort mod:

Included Last Resort 2D screen resolutions:
800×600 (legacy resolution)
1366x768 (popular w/ laptop users)
1920×1080 (most popular desktop resolution for gaming)

Undecided resolutions:

Anyone have any thoughts?

EDIT: I am thinking about keeping 1024x768 also for legacy reasons.

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