Unlocking Zero Hour Coop Maps


Updated for most recent patch: Operation Black Dawn


Tired of waiting to unlock all of Zero Hour's maps?


There is a way to use a hex editor to modify your a save game file to trick the game into believing you have all the points.  Only the host of the coop game needs this hack to unlock for all the players.   Use WINDOWS EXPLORER to navigate to the following path:

C:\Users\ {your username} \AppData\LocalLow\M7 production _ Attrito\Zero Hour

If you can't find this file or folder you probably have to change how WINDOWS EXPLORER displays files.  At the top of WINDOWS EXPLORER look for the VIEW tab and make sure the two tick boxes are selected FILENAME EXTENSION and HIDDEN ITEMS.



Look for the file "savedCS.file".  This is the file you will modify to unlock the maps.



After making a backup of this file open "savedCS.file" with your favourite Hex editor (I use a freeware Hex Editor known as HxD)


click image to enlarge



Notice all of the map names listed at the bottom of the file.   The character immediately after the filename is your points achieved for the map.   Some maps require a different amount to unlock the next map.

If you are new to Hex Editors you should know that you aren't meant to type the character that you see in the image above.  You should be changing the numerical value to "35" for Terror House for example (see the circled number in the image above).


Terror House - 35 points

Residential House - 35 points

Breaking Meth - 60 points

Embassy Raid - 80 points

Bank Heist - 70 points

Hotel Trouble - 60 points

Cafe Fourteen - 80 points

Military Airport - 80 points



The map Paradise City (aka Ruins) doesn't need any points hacked into it since it is the last map.  Once you hack the points above it will be unlocked.



Don't want to be bothered hacking the file?

Well the good news is that it appears the "savedCS.file" is not unique to each player and can simply be downloaded and overwritten to unlock the maps (as of latest version 8.8.0 anyways).  We have compared this file between different players and the only differences were the points achieved.   To be safe you may still want to make a backup of your original file.

You can download a zipped version of the file here.   Unzip the file and then overwrite your original file that is found in the path mentioned near the top of this tutorial.


Special thanks:  Dark Synopsis for testing this file and confirming that the hack is only needed by the host of the game.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk.   Although extremely unlikely there is the potential to have your game account banned.  My friends and I use this hack so we would be banned right along with you, brother.

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