General Map Geometry Reference



Portals are essential in creating SWAT3 maps. Portals allow movement between cells and are used to calculate waypoints and routes.

Func_portal entities work in conjunction with cell entities to limit the number of polygons being rendered by the game engine. Specifically, the func_portal entity is used to fill the gaps that exist between adjacent cells where the designer has chosen to place a door, window or similar opening. For the cell portal system to work properly, adjacent cells must be completely sealed off from one another.  This can be achieved in one of two ways, either with solid geometry or with func_portal entities.  Any gaps between cells left over after the geometry is done must be completely covered by func_portals.


Sample Maps And Objects

You should find in the Worldcraft folder a sample map  ("sample.rmf").

Also included is a prefabricated object library ("prefabs.rmf").


Console Command Reference

To access the console, hold the shift key and press the ~ key located to the left of the "1" key on the top row of your keyboard.





(builds light maps)


(turns light maps on if built)


(turns light maps off)


(switches to wireframe mode)


(shows stats - total polys, fps etc.)


(shows total memory usage)

ai build  

(builds .ccm file - cube cell map)

ent ai stop

(stops AI if .ccm files exists)

ent ai checknodes 

(validates AI pathing - writes to swaterror.txt in C: root)

run debug.con   

(activates debug mode)

+ "map name"   

(loads specific mission)



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