As of version 0.8.0 the Last Resort mod fully supports the NeuWon server for playing online just like the golden days of Swat 3.  You no longer have to deal with 3rd party apps to play LAN games.  You can once again join the Swat 3 lobbies via the internet like it was twenty years ago!

The NeuWon network that the game servers run off is a recreation of the old World Opponent Network (WON) created by Sierra. The creator of Neuwon (Ben5015se) spent a year and a half building a semi-working server before contacting an old developer who shared 90% of the original API and server code with him.

The Last Resort mod is happy to host a server out of Ontario, Canada for Swat 3 (consider it the old New York WON server in terms of geolocation).


Steps to Get Online:

1) Ensure your copy of Swat 3 works properly before installing the Last Resort mod
2) If you have slow framerates look into fixes such as dgVoodoo2
3) Install the latest version of the Last Resort mod after running Swat 3 at least once
4) In the main folder of your game run the "AccountWizard.exe" file
5) Create a new account but remember to write down your password!
6) If needed change the default CD KEY that Swat 3 uses to a unique one
7) Open your ports on your router


Step 1: Working Swat 3

It is important to ensure that your copy of Swat 3 works before you even attempt to install the Last Resort mod. Windows 10 can cause problems for some people and it is easier to troubleshoot without the complications of added mods.  One of the most common problems people have is the crash to desktop when starting up the game.   Here are some possible crash fixes.


Step 2: Slow Framerates

Does your game suffer from slow frame rates on the 2D menus or the 3D part of the game?  Windows 10 only emulates Swat 3's 16-bit colour mode in 32-bit colours and this causes frame rate issues.   The Last Resort mod will further give a performance hit because of the larger sized textures so it is critical to get your game running as best as you can.  Here are some framerate fixes.


Step 3: Install Last Resort

Download and install the latest version of the Last Resort mod. As of this writing the most recent version is the second beta test of version 0.8.0 that gives NeuWon support.

It is recommended you don't have Swat 3 installed into “C:\Program Files (x86)” or “C:\Program Files” since these are protected folders in Windows 10 that may cause issues.


Step 4: Locate Account Wizard

Look in the main Swat 3 folder for the file "AccountWizard.exe" (as shown below) and run it. It will try to connect to the NeuWon servers and if succesful will allow you to create an account for multiplayer.


Step 5: Create Account

The image below shows your options in the Account Wizard. At the time of this writing only the first button actually works properly.


I have not tested if all the information is required but for safety I filled it all out (as seen below) except for the obsolete bottom "contact me with offers" tick box.

The username you select here is what other players will see in multiplayer so choose wisely.

One very important note is make sure you write down your password! As far as I know there is no way to retrieve your password or change your password yet. You have been warned!



Step 6: Change CD Key

NeuWon requires that everyone on the server is using a unique CD key. It is fine for several people to share the same key but they can't be on at the same time with the same key.  Obviously the best thing would be for you to own one of the original retail game disks so that only you will have that CD key.

If you bought a digital version of Swat 3 from Steam or you will all share the same CD key.  This will be a problem.  Thankfully Furrycat created a utility back in 2002 that makes changing the key easy.

Download the Swat 3 CD Key Utility and run it with administrator privileges.


Steam/ CD Key:



Other Possible Working Keys (untested):








RYB9-DAB2-GYG2-BAC6-7739 (as donated by Copy-Cat)


Legal note: all these cd keys have been published previously on internet. Swat 3 has been released DRM free on the platform and posting of these keys is not for copy protection circumvention. The Last Resort mod only supports full and legal purchasing of Swat 3.


Step 7: Open Ports on Router

Here are the recommended ports to open for Swat 3 so you can go peer-2-peer properly:

  • TCP: 15101, 15200, 15300, 15800, 16639
  • UDP: 16638

People may recall in the old days of Swat 3 that the server would indicate that the host of the game was behind a firewall. If that happens players in the host's game will fail going Peer-to-Peer. It is best that all players open up the ports on their firewalls for Swat 3 if they wish to play multiplayer.







Clicked To Join Server But Get Error:

Sometimes it takes a few attempts to join before it properly connects. Usually you get a "can not get client list" warning after a short time. Just attempt again. If the game hangs for long time and you get an error number that is usually a more serious matter (such as the game server is down).

Check on the front page of the website in the right column for the status of the game server.


CD Key In Use Error:

If you get the error warning that your CD key is in use please make sure you followed Step 6 above carefully.  It is important to run the CD Key Utility with admin privileges.

If you were already online and you crashed or got disconnected sometimes the server thinks you are still online.  You may have to wait 20-25 minutes to re-join.  This is something we hope to fix in the future.


Can't Join Any Game In Progress:

If you get a Mismatch error in multiplayer (every active game shows red) it is possible you have a file called "unins000.dat" in the main folder of Swat 3. This file can be renamed to "unins000.dat.bak" until you wish to uninstall Swat 3.

There should only be two ".dat" files in the main Swat 3 folder: "CustomChat.dat" and "mpofc.dat"


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