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Useful Community Made Tools

6 years 10 months ago #6 by Slippery Jim
Useful Community Made Tools was created by Slippery Jim

An important utility to help us upgrade Swat 3 is a brilliant tool made by AlienAbducter.

The SCN Editor is extremely useful because it allows us to easily replace textures in Swat 3 maps and even gives us the abilility to re-align textures. When Swat 3 was made back in 1999 video cards had small amounts of memory so the developers tried to be very economical with the use of their textures . Today with modern video cards we can afford to split up textures instead of re-using the same ones.

You can also visit the SCN Editor developer website to submit suggestions and bug reports.
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6 years 10 months ago #7 by Slippery Jim
Replied by Slippery Jim on topic Useful Community Made Tools
To simplify the use of Furrycat's excellent SCN Hacking tool I am making a graphic interface in Visual Basic 6. This utility will remove most of the typing involved and prevent syntax errors in commands.

What is the SCN Hacking utility and why does it need a GUI?

The SCN Hacking utility is great for modifying Swat 3 maps files (.SCN files). With it we can remove the light build, modify light entities and other important entities. After editing the file it can export a new version that is 100% compatible with Swat 3.

The original SCN Hacking has to be run from CMD.exe (basically in what can be compared to a DOS interface). Everything must be typed to send it commands. The SCN Hacking GUI adds a Window interface and greatly reduces the amount of typing needed to operate SCN Hacking.

(click to enlarge image to full size)

A small word of caution though, I did not bother making the utility totally "idiot" proof. You still have to make sure you fill out all the input boxes properly. For instance if you type in an out-of-range number in the colour field you won't get a warning. It will happily try to use whatever numbers you typed.

How to use:
Place the "ScnHacking_GUI.exe" in the same folder as SCN Hacking. You must also place the .SCN files that you want to hack in the same folder. Run the GUI and be in hacking heaven.

- doesn't connect to the internet
- doesn't read or write to Windows registry and is therefore safe to use
- only reads and writes .SCN and .TXT files into the folder that you place SCN Hacking GUI
- uses Visual Basic 6 so Windows XP should run it great without extra files needed to support it

Here is the download link:
Download SCN Hacking GUI version 0.2
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