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New Officer Skins (Work Flow)

2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #1700 by Copy-Cat
New Officer Skins (Work Flow) was created by Copy-Cat
Gathering Information

With all the time I have free now, lets take advantage of this opportunity and bring the community together to participate in the creation of these models. Contact old members and let them know our plans and that their input and support is needed.

The gear widely used for tactical use is Condor. Chime in if you have other makes that would help in the creation of these models.
This is your opportunity to provide your input into the creation of the models so you use them instead of your favorite swat mods.
(I'm sure there was something about that model from that mod you use you wish could change.)

Let's talk limits and define some goals for the new character models.
Polygon count limit. 8,000

Detail level(0-10): - The detail level is based on my experience with working with models from modern games.

Level 0 - is best described as Minecraft style models.
Level 3-4 - The current original models in the game are a 3-4.
Level 4-5 - The modding community back in the game's prime made some impressive models in this range but lacked the use of the game's core mechanics such as hit-detection, use of the linked weapons and tactical aid, facial expressions, and name tags.
Level 6-7 - Our goal! where we would like to be, borrowing from higher levels as needed.
Level 7-8 - small objects such as buckles and clips of sorts are modeled in, however, basic shapes are used and the high res textures bring out the detail. Other objects that are modeled in are straps around legs and arms. Knee and elbow pads are modeled in with minimal but convincing detail. To give you a sense of this categories limits the shoe laces of the shoe are not modeled in, but are represented by a texture. Thickness of objects such as vests and pads and vest decals are modeled in where it is most visible.
Level 9-10 - small objects such as key rings clasps are modeled in full detail, other objects that are enhanced are turn knobs on communication radios. Details such as Folds and valleys in pants, shirts, gloves are represented with geometry. Gear in this level are modeled in full detail, items such as clips, bullets, cuffs, light sticks protruding from pockets are modeled in with only parts that are visible. Back to the shoe lace analogy; the shoe laces of the shoe are modeled in. Higher end games that require the processing power to render this level of detail are beyond the games capabilities. We do not have bump maps or specular mapping to help us with the textures used in this category, however we can touch here and there on objects.

A Little bit about the models...
The Models will be based on the original swat Multiplayer models. They one you choose is the one you play as.
There are 5 basic models for multiplayer coop. There are 6 camos to choose from.

First lets talk about what is common amongst them all.
  • They all use tactical cargo pants in their respective camo.
  • They all use GSG9 tactical boots.
  • They all use Safariland's 6004 tactical holster.
  • They all show only the eye area for facial expressions.
  • They all have name tags on the back of their vests.
  • They all use hand/glove protection ranging from light to heavy

Let's take a look at those models, and talk about some major differences.

swt_swt3 (Assaulter)
Motorcycle helmet
Gas mask as part of the helmet
Visor as part of the helmet
Long sleeve shirt
No knee or elbow pads
Short gloves
Medium Armor

Warning: Spoiler!

swt_lgt (Guardian)
No Helmet
Gas mask filter type
Visor as part of the gas mask
T style shirt
Knee and elbow pads
Short gloves
Light armor
Radio as part of gas mask.

swt_mid (Operator)
PASGT helmet
Gas Mask 2 Canisters Type
visor as part of the goggles
rolled up long sleeve shirt
knee and elbow pads
short gloves
Medium armour
Radio as part of helmet

swt_hvy (Raider)
Motorcycle helmet
Gas mask as part of the helmet
Visor as part of the helmet
Long sleeve shirt
Elbow pads
Knee and shin pads
Long gloves
Medium to Heavy Armour
Radio as part of helmet

swt_beef (Enforcer)
PASGT helmet
Gas Mask 1 canister type
Visor as part of the gask mask
Tstyle shirt
No elbow pads
Knee and shin pads
Long gloves
Heavy armour
Radio as part of helmet

We all agree the motorcycle helmets have to go, so they will be replaced with PASGT hemets and add updated gas masks in their respective style and type.

Things to consider in this upgrade.
  1. Update ui_images and explanations for equipment for single player.
  2. Camos will need tweeking after these changes, and a layering shadows would be ideal to have consistent results withing each camo.
  3. Speed multiplier. I dont know if you knew or not but there is a speed multiplier based on the armour the swat has that would need to be updated if extra baggage is added to any of the models.
    • swt_swt3 Assaulter 1.10
    • swt_lgt Guardian 1.15
    • swt_mid Operator .96
    • swt_hvy Raider .89
    • swt_beef Enforcer .94
  4. Armour data - The Armor Data also will have to updated if armor is added to the player models/
  5. Another issue that is important to consider is the differences in the level of detail between the missions and the characters. You will have low poly maps with high poly characters.

Are you excited?

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2 years 5 months ago #1701 by Copy-Cat
Replied by Copy-Cat on topic New Officer Skins (Work Flow)
Let's start off with the obvious..., get it out of the way NOW!.....The gear that is different within all the models.
Before we talk about brand/make/model, ask yourself these questions, and reply your answers. No need to copy the questions or quote them; just answer them.

Questionnaire #1 - This questionnaire will help in determining polygon allocations. Some questions are obvious, and some change the overall look of the swat team. Some might see it as good and some bad. Explain your position in the matter.

  1. Should all officers be wearing helmets? (Not all the officers are wearing helmets.)
  2. Should there only be 1 style shirt? (please explain)
  3. Should all officers be wearing elbow and knee pads?
  4. If there are no more motorcycle helmets; how will the officers communicate? (please explain)
  5. Colored Visors? (please explain)
  6. balaclava? (please explain)
  7. Gas masks replacements for the motorcycle helmets? (please explain)

Feel free to point out any other differences that will affect the overall look of the team.
Thank you for your answers.

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2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #1709 by Slippery Jim
Replied by Slippery Jim on topic New Officer Skins (Work Flow)
I will post here my thoughts but I think you already have heard all of them already.

Hopefully more people from the community will slowly trickle in and give their input/opinions. When there aren't frequent updates on this site people fall out of the habit of visiting (I don't blame them!) so it may take a while for replies. Some people can't be bothered to log in but they read the forums etc, lol.

My view of the new models are fairly simple:

* Any new skins should be additive rather than replacements. More choice is better

* IMHO the ideal Swat skins are LAPD from 80s/90s. Classic PASGT helmets and blue uniforms/vests. Not a fan of modern military style.

* I personally have no use for the camo. I am boring and like LAPD blue.

* Of the original Sierra models I used the Assaulter the most but I also liked how the BBE skins had variations of equipment on the officers.

* Name tags on back of uniform is crucial for coop play. Coloured team visors also a bonus.

* Ideally the textures will hold up well when you are stacked up close behind fellow officer.

* A ridiculously high polygon count should be avoided if something can be made to look just as well will slightly lower polygon count and/or just a texture. Unfortunately only completed models in a high polygon map will determine if we have gone too far.

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