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[HELP] Scenario won't load ingame after compile

1 month 2 weeks ago - 1 month 2 weeks ago #2363 by Copy-Cat
If the textures are not in the mission/textures folder the game will load them but the UV mapping will not work thus making it look distorted and tiny. The filenames must be exact. SJ is correct the filenames cannot be more than 15 characters long like in some of the original textures. What will also cause this is the textures not being present in your materials.dat. You will have to build the materials.dat every time you add new textures.   I would recommend looking to see if you have the FAQ pages in your Swat3 directory. These pages will help you on the simple aspects of making a map, and answer some basic questions you might have.

As for tips in the map making process. I have put together  HELP_  pages over the years regarding every aspect of the map making process including things not covered or explained in the FAQ pages.

Topic of this post is misleading. It should be updated to a better title, almost glanced over it.

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