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File already exists error when launching game via launcher

2 months 2 weeks ago #2833 by Zerstorer
My problem is, whenever I try to launch SWAT 3 via Last Resort launcher (latest non beta, downloaded today), I'm getting the error 
"Error code: 58 - File already exists"

Launcher is ran as Administrator, in game folder there are files liek , swat 800 and others with numbers but no swat_

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2 months 2 days ago #2840 by Slippery Jim
Sorry about not seeing your post earlier.

I have been distracted playing Starfield and working on new textures for the mod.

I think you have the really old version of the mod that had that bug.  The launcher is probably blue instead of grey background?  It usually happens if Swat 3 crashes and then the launcher gets confused what is the currently selected game executable.

Please upgrade to the latest beta version since it really is designed for Windows 10/11 and has many fixes like this.

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