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Hack Swat 3's Executable To Give High Res

2 years 3 months ago - 2 years 3 months ago #2604 by Slippery Jim
Copy-Cat and I have located the X and Y coordinates in the game executable for the mission loading text.

decimal offset 299457
32 00 00 00 B9 17 02

Little-endian to decimal translations required

32 00 translates as 50
17 02 translates as 535

In other words, the mission loading text is printed at the coordinates 50, 535

The missions can have two lines of text.   What is odd though is those coordinates should be for the top left of the second line...not the first.      The first line should have been 50, 516.   One hack seems to control both lines in what appears to be a text container.
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