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JackHammer Map Editor

4 years 5 months ago #319 by Copy-Cat
Replied by Copy-Cat on topic JackHammer Map Editor
I am still in the process of finding all the new features we can use, only time will tell if we have issues.

I know the prefab factory is gone. :(
I was going to use this to make prefabs of all the objects to date.

The source files for the quake and halflife bsp converters are included in JACK. These source files look strikingly similar tot he map.exe, maybe we can brew our own version to lift some limitations.

Another good question is can we write plugins for JACK. Need to do some research.

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4 years 5 months ago - 4 years 5 months ago #320 by Slippery Jim
Replied by Slippery Jim on topic JackHammer Map Editor
I am trying to replicate your build method and I keep getting an error. I suspect it has to do with the fact that I have a space in the path to my Swat 3 directory. Putting the path in quotes in the BSP texture path doesn't help.

** Executing...
** Command: D:\Program Files (x86)\GalaxyClient\Games\SWAT 3\Missions\MissionLJack\map.exe
** Parameters: -buildmat -texpath "D:\Program Files (x86)\GalaxyClient\Games\SWAT 3\Missions\MissionLJack\textures" D:\Program Files (x86)\GalaxyClient\Games\SWAT 3\Missions\MissionLJack\MissionLJack.map
GEngine Map Builder, build Jun 12 2000
Copyright (c) 1999 Sierra On-Line, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Error: Cannot open D:\Program.map

** Executing...
** Command: Change Directory
** Parameters: D:\Program Files (x86)\GalaxyClient\Games\SWAT 3

** Executing...
** Command: D:\Program Files (x86)\GalaxyClient\Games\SWAT 3\swat.exe
** Parameters: -primary -SCRIPT DEBUG.CON -script console.con -ptfile D:\Program Files (x86)\GalaxyClient\Games\SWAT 3\Missions\MissionLJack\MissionLJack.lin -map MissionLJack

The important part seems to be "Error: Cannot open D:\Program.map"

It is building the .map and .max file properly. It just isn't building the .scn and the .dat file

UPDATE: Yup, that was the problem. When I moved Swat 3 to a path that does not include any spaces it built properly and launched fine in the game. Very cool. Huge congrats on figuring this all out. The mad scientist of Swat 3 strikes again ;)

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