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Get Latest Worldcraft Version

5 years 5 months ago #37 by Slippery Jim
Get Latest Worldcraft Version was created by Slippery Jim

The last official version of Worldcraft is 3.3. After that it was renamed to Hammer. Version 3.4 beta (also known as 3.5) of Hammer has bug fixes and works fine with Swat 3.

1) Make sure you have Worldcraft already installed for Swat 3.

2) Download the Hammer.exe and rename to "wc.exe" to replace the original executable. You can find it at several sources but here is a direct link that I used.


NOTE: you don't want to install the full version...you only want the .exe file that contains the bug fixes.

3) After running the renamed Hammer .exe you will need to check your configuration settings of Worldcraft to make sure they still are all kosher. If I recall I needed to reset a few things back to the way they were.

3.4 changelog

An updated version of Valve's level editing tool is now available for download. This release includes new functionality and several fixes. It also introduces a new name for the product, Hammer.

Changes include:

Splitter view layout is now preserved from session to session.
Dialog bars now pop to the top when the mouse cursor floats over them.
No longer renders the 3D views when the editor is not the active application. (This will fix most people's problems with running Hammer and Half-Life at the same time causing the editor to freeze)
Added Copy to Clipboard button to the process window.
Sped up time to bring up the Face Properties dialog when many brushes are selected.
Sped up 2D view scrolling.
Added timed selection of objects by depth in the 3D view when the left mouse button is held down. (ERROR: This functionality was in the old worldcraft version 1.6, and possibly before!)


Fixed a random spinlock when rendering sprites.
Fixed texture rendering problems with sprites, etc.
Fixed freeze when starting map with sprites visible.
Fixed a crash in the path tool.
Fixed problem with texture shifts being reset when importing old MAP files.
Fixed black brushes caused by clipping.
Fixed a lockup when scaling certain brushes.
Fixed infinite lines in 3D view in vertex mode.
Fixed clipping causing duplicate solids.
Fixed decal repositioning.
Fixed camera angle view bug.
Fixed problem with running compile tools from paths with spaces.

3.5 changelog April 18, 2003

A beta version of Hammer 3.5 was released. This was the last version that fully worked with Goldsrc. This version was released as just the main exec and required hammer 3.4 to be installed to work.

New features:

Supports Half-Life .mdl models in 3d view.
View path files in 3D view.
Pitch and Roll compass added, but not working.


Improved texture application tool.
Improved advanced compile mode dialog UI.
Select viewport background color.

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5 years 5 months ago #38 by Slippery Jim
Replied by Slippery Jim on topic Get Latest Worldcraft Version
Another quick note: You will see additional rotation angles in the entity properties of new Hammer/Worldcraft...ignore the bottom two. Only the top one matters.
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