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View Swat 3 maps in your browser was created by Slippery Jim
Ever wondered how the original Sierra developers made their Swat 3 maps? Now you can view these maps in your browser and see the methods they used.

You can spin the map around and zoom out. You can also go into a first person view and fly around the map. You have the ability to turn off/on point entities and geometric entities like portals, ramps, etc.

I think this will be an invaluable tool to learn how to make Swat 3 maps and only wished it was available in the golden years of the game.

One thing that I was shocked to see and I didn't know about was that the Sierra developers put portals over all the mirrors. The other item that I learned was that they used the "threatnode" entities to indicate where the AI officers should clear (I never used them in my maps and feel a little embarrassed).

Note: You may find that Chrome gives you a better FPS rate than Firefox but you will have to test it out for yourself. It requires a fair amount of horsepower so I would suggest you view this on your desktop computer or a fast laptop.

Swat 3 Webgl Map Viewer

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Alien Abducter gets full credit for figuring out how to get this all working and doing the initial hard work. He originally posted a link to Mission A in the Furryclan forums and then generously left the code on Github for all to use.

Noisyboy took the base code and tweaked and expanded upon it. He also fixed and expanded the Python exporter that allow us to export all of the maps. I was responsible for the HTML interface and CSS, helping migrate the code, exporting of all the textures and map files.

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1 year 8 months ago #818 by NoisyBoy
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Also if you do use the program please tell us your opinions, bugs and or any features or ideas you might want us to add.. Thanks

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