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Trying to contact the original Swat 3 programmers - I have many questions

  • Franklin Jefferson Hall
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5 years 1 month ago #749 by Franklin Jefferson Hall
I have MANY questions about the design and creation of Swat 3, which is my favorite game of all time and has been ever since I first bought it when it came out. There are many interesting mysteries that I would like answers to regarding the game. I'm trying to find contact information for the developers. I was unable to find email addresses for Rod Fung or Tammy Dargan. I found two different email addresses for Jim Napier, on this "postmortem" article on Gamasutra. Neither of those email addresses are currently valid.

I am hoping that someone here has some connection with the original people involved in the game's development. If so, PLEASE respond here and help me get in touch. I appreciate it very much!!!

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5 years 1 month ago #760 by Slippery Jim
Sorry for late reply. A few years ago I figured out Jim Napier's current email address by his company website. He was making 3D software (if I recall correctly) to plan your house's layout. Don't recall the name of the company though sorry. Found it with Google.

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