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Slippery Jim

5 years 3 months ago #708 by Iron Man
Slippery Jim was created by Iron Man
Slip, first of all thanks to you and all those who made the Last Resort mod. What a godsend.

Together with a friend of mine (elterrorista) i got it to work with all the old missions and mods we used (i had everything on backup from the old days).

I tried to add you on steam but as you dont know me you probably declined. I used to go under the nickname LA*R-ass-T*PD. Up to you if you still wish to add me.

Tonight ill go play a bit again on tunngle with LA*elterrorista*PD (the friend i referenced earlier), we got it to work :D We do pretty dam fine i think, but in the mid to large maps you really have to take a gamble with your angles and corners because you just cant cover everything with 2 players (we dont use ai teammates).

Would love to have another player! We use a fair number of mods and are ofcourse playing serious coop :)

Iron Man (tunngle: IronMan35)

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5 years 1 month ago #761 by Slippery Jim
Replied by Slippery Jim on topic Slippery Jim
Heya Iron Man.

I typed a long reply to you a while ago and the forum ate it up and it disappeared. If I take too long to type out a reply message for some reason it will disappear sometimes when I hit SUBMIT. If I forget to copy the text for safety I get so annoyed when the forum eats it I give up replying lol.

Feel free to add me on Steam again.

Some day I plan on playing Swat 3 online. I just want to finish the updates so it supports NeuWon (so we wont have to use Tunngle or Hamachi etc).

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