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Open SWAT3

3 years 4 days ago - 3 years 4 days ago #1201 by S4
Open SWAT3 was created by S4
I notice increasingly that there are a number of projects out there that involve converting old games into usable source code. OpenNFS(need for speed) is the latest one I've discovered, along with SDLPoP(prince of perisa) and OpenRCT2 (roller coaster tycoon).

It would be great if someone out there could start such an initiative with SWAT3. I know it's not strictly legal, although it is unlikely anyone would care at this point and I would totally do it myself if I knew how. The fact that people are able to do it with these other games, proves that it is completely possible. There's been some discussion with CC about using the Ghirda tool to do such a thing, although none of us have been able to get it working due to its weird Java dependency.

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3 years 4 days ago - 3 years 4 days ago #1202 by Slippery Jim
Replied by Slippery Jim on topic Open SWAT3
From my understanding those types of things re-create the code from scratch and just use the assets from the game. Ridiculous amount of work and skill required. Some people in the community have tried to make a Swat style game using premade game engines like Unity but never got very far.

As much as we love Swat style games they weren't very popular compared to genres like Call of Duty. It is probably why we have never seen Swat 5 released. You would need a large community to get enough "rock star" mod makers that would have the skillset to do a project like that.

From my understanding one of the mod makers of the SEF mod for Swat 4 is one of the developers on the Ready Or Not game. Even with their resources the game still seems like it will never get released. They have missed every one of their promised release dates by many months.

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