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SWAT 3 Lead Officer Repeats Compliance Speech (Need help)

4 years 6 months ago #999 by TheNickle
Greetings everyone,

I'm not sure if this is a universal issue or just me. I have the Last Resort mod installed and dgVoodoo 2 (without admin privileges, just Windows 7 compatibility) and whenever I play a mission and press 7 to shout out a compliance order, even without pressing it twice my main character will repeat the same order and it either stops by chance or something else, not sure what. It's not the biggest issue but it is annoying. Game is still playable though.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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4 years 6 months ago - 4 years 6 months ago #1000 by Slippery Jim
Sorry for your troubles. This is a strange one.

Nothing that the Last Resort mod does should affect it.

What you describe reminds me of the old days in Swat 3 when we would play cooperatively and we would hammer the compliance key a few times in our excitement. The game would keep repeating the complaince command sound until the "buffer" was empty (ie if you pushed it 10 times it would play it all 10 times).

As a test you could try running Swat 3 vanilla by turning off the Last Resort mod with the toggle switch at the top right of the Launcher. After turning off the mod hit "save and launch Swat 3" or "save and quit".

TheNickle wrote: without admin privileges, just Windows 7 compatibility

Are you referring to the Last Resort launcher having these settings or dgVoodoo? The Last Resort Launcher is recommended to be run with admin privileges for two reasons.

1) I have found there can be problems properly launching Swat 3 by the Launcher due to Windows being too protective. Command line options will be ignored etc. Things like that.

2) Windows 10 uses a thing called shims to apply compatibilty settings to games like Swat 3. It helps increase the framerate with the game. For the Swat 3 shim to get applied properly Windows wants the game executable to be called "swat.exe" so the Last Resort Launcher must rename the game executable. The LR Launcher must swap it out for a modified version that allows us higher resolution textures and other fixes. Without the admin privilege Windows may cause issues with this renaming process. This renaming process only really became necessary with Windows 8/10 since it is less legacy gaming friendly.

Say you want to play the game with the 1920x1080 menus. The LR launcher will rename "swat.exe" to "swat_original.exe" and then rename "swat_1920x1080.exe" to "swat.exe"

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