dgVoodoo and false positives

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dgVoodoo and false positives was created by Slippery Jim
dgVoodoo is an important tool for gamers who want to play older games on Windows 10 without framerate issues. However some antivirus programs freak out and report it as malware. From what I have read from the maker of dgVoodoo it is partially because of his compressed executable.

This actually rings true because of issues I have had with the Last Resort Launcher. Depending how I compile the executable I too sometimes get false positives. I have to change the way I compile the executable to prevent this sort of issue. Looking at his executable it looks like he is using MS Visual C++ and I had the compile false positives with MS Visual Basic. He may be running into the exact same issue I had.

Here is the result of the latest version of dgVoodoo in a scan (dgVoodoo v2.55.4.1):


When you see "Trojan.Generic" or "Malware/Gen.Generic." this indicates that it thinks the file is suspiscious but doesn't have evidence of anything specific. A lot of times this is just a false positive.

Here is an older thread on Steams' forum discussing the anti-virus issue:


How do people feel about dgVoodoo? Any distrust? The maker of this invaluable app has been releasing it free since 2013. I think if anyone had real evidence of malware we would hear about it very quickly.

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