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Japanese SWAT 3 Mods Web Site

4 years 2 months ago #908 by dodginess
Japanese SWAT 3 Mods Web Site was created by dodginess
I found a Japanese web site that contains some mods that I haven't seen anywhere else:


I think the web site title translates as "SWAT 3 Survival" or something similar. I haven't installed any of the mods yet (apart from the ones I've already got from other web sites) but the links work, so there might be something interesting on there.

As this is my first post I'd just like to thank all the past/present members of the SWAT 3 community for keeping this game alive for nearly 20 years. Like most of my interests, SWAT 3 resurfaces every 6-12 months when I've got bored of other games and the custom missions and mods are a big part of that. I now play SWAT 3 using CrossOver on a '09 MacBook Pro and the game plays pretty well - some slowdown on the bigger maps but otherwise fine. I had intended to try making some maps and weapons mods as I used to do 3D modelling in Lightwave, but I couldn't get on with either Worldcraft or Milkshape so I didn't make much progress.


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4 years 2 months ago #909 by Slippery Jim
Replied by Slippery Jim on topic Japanese SWAT 3 Mods Web Site
Welcome to the site.

Thanks for the link. I didn't know about this one and will add it to our list now.

Does the Last Resort mod work on your MacBook Pro or do you have to play vanilla Swat 3? I won't be offended if you just play vanilla...was just curious if the mod worked with your method of playing.

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4 years 2 months ago #910 by dodginess
Replied by dodginess on topic Japanese SWAT 3 Mods Web Site
Yes, Last Resort runs fine thanks and I do use it - v06 is the version I'm currently using and I run SWAT 3 in full screen mode. I haven't noticed any issues with any maps that need Last Resort. I haven't tried running v07 yet so I might look into that. I never play networked so I have no idea if that aspect works or not. The only reason for being awkward and running it on a Mac was just that I don't have a PC any more. I do have VMware Fusion installed (with separate copies of XP and Vista) but it doesn't seem to like running DirectX 8/9 games.

The main issue with CrossOver is that it isn't very verbose when a program doesn't load. So, initially the GOG version of SWAT 3 installed and worked fine but v06 wouldn't load for me and the reason was that the Visual Basic libraries it presumably needs were missing. The scenario editor and Worldcraft map editor wouldn't work either at that stage - they would just bounce up and down on the dock for a few seconds before disappearing. I finally worked out what was going on by using the "Run Command..." option in CrossOver, which gives you the option of creating a text file containing a debug log. I then had to do a search for the DLLs listed in the debug log to work out what was missing. The CrossOver web site does have a .tie file for SWAT 3 but it doesn't request the Visual Basic libraries when you install it, although it does install the video codec that SWAT 3 needs. I did try installing SWAT 3 from my original disc (Elite Edition) but there was an issue with that - either the registry couldn't be updated or the CD was never found, so I tried the GOG version instead and that worked.

Thanks again for all your hard work - I find SWAT 3 a much more compelling option than a lot of recent games and it deserves this level of care and attention :) We all know that SWAT 3 is no spring chicken but the visuals hold up well enough and the game play is solid.

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