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Forging ahead - March 24, 2021

I finished my side project of cataloging the list of shared textures in the official Sierra maps.   This will ensure that we have the largest version available of each texture since some maps used smaller versions of the same texture.  I hope that explanation wasn't confusing.

Today I finished the code changes to the Last Resort launcher and prepared all the files necessary to make an installer build.    As I type this I am updating one of my laptops for testing of this build.   I have also decided to include MPEG-4 versions of the Swat 3 movies in the installer to help with the Swat 3 startup crash.   Originally the replacement movies were encoded in the XVID format but after some research I have settled on MPEG-4 instead since Windows 7, 8, and 10 are supposed to natively support this codec.   Lets hope my internet research is correct, lol.

Soon I also want to get the Swat 3 game server back up and running.   I haven't forgotten about this important step in the process.

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