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LR Launcher v0.7 beta 2 released - January 13, 2016

The latest beta test of the Last Resort Launcher is available for download.  This version includes two new features and one bug minor bug fix.

The LR Launcher now has a button to backup/restore your Swat.cfg file in case it gets damaged with a Swat 3 crash.  This feature is great for backing up your key bindings once you have it set just the way you like it.  Also included in the new beta is a method to set the LR Launcher into Windows 8/10 compatibility mode.   This is only useful for the small amount of people who have difficulty getting the LR Launcher to properly show their available screen modes.   If you don't have a problem seeing the available screen modes I would recommend you not use this.

I would love some feedback from people if this "Windows 8/10 compatibility" mode works for them.   So far it has been difficult to get people to give me enough information so I can troubleshoot the problem.


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All Ready For Release And Bug Appears - December 31, 2015

I was just doing the final steps of making the installer for the new release and I discovered a strange bug.   So close to finishing up the packaging and an odd glitch is causing me to pause.  On Mission A (the Brenner house) there is a modified texture that won't show up for some unknown reason.  If I run the file as a mod the texture (specifically the file "a_door.bmp") shows up in game perfectly fine but if I enclose it in the Last Resort .RES files the original low resolution texture by Sierra shows up instead.  This is extremely unusual since all of the other high-res replacement textures work fine!

I am starting to think this is just one of those crazy priority issues when it comes to mod making.  Sometimes Swat 3 ignores logic and decides on it's own which files get priority.

Maybe after a night's rest I will have a fresh outlook on the problem.   For now though, I am banging my head on the keyboard.


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Wasted hours - December 29, 2015

Yesterday and today I worked on enlarging the command menu font but now it looks like the time was all wasted for nothing.  If you run your game at resolutions like 1920 x 1080 the command menu starts to get hard to read.  If you also force on anti-aliasing the text further gets worse.  I experimented with changing to double width fonts and this really helped a lot in terms of readability but what I didn't notice was that some of the words were get clipped on long sentences.

At first I thought that is no big deal I will just find the .CON file or .DAT file that controls the size of the command menu's container.  Nope! It looks like it is hard coded.  [deleted expletive!]

On a more positive note I think I have completed all the code changes to the Last Resort Launcher.  I will try to post the new file later today.

UPDATE: I changed my mind.  Rather that just release the updated Launcher I will finally start working on packaging up the whole mod for release.

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Last Resort Launcher v0.7 beta 2 - December 27, 2015

I finished the changes to the Last Resort Launcher to include a backup and restore button for the Swat.cfg file.   Why is this useful?   If you have a game crash or if you use the Galaxy app to verify your Swat 3 files the Swat.cfg can get damaged.   All your key assignments are lost and you have to manually re-assign everything including your sound and video settings.

With a backup/restore button this is no longer a big issue.

This new feature is also useful if you use dgVoodoo since you can backup your Swat.cfg once you have it configured properly (makes it easy to restore to a working copy of Swat.cfg if you once again get that "Can't set 2D mode" error).

I haven't released this version of the beta test yet since I wanted to go over all of the Last Resort Launcher code for any other ways I can improve the code and make it more "idiot proof".

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Last Resort Launcher v0.7 beta 1 - December 21, 2015

For those who want to see a preview of the latest version of the Last Resort Launcher, or if you are having some problems with it under Windows 8 or 10, you can now download the v.0.7 beta.

This is just an improved launcher for the Last Resort mod.   It doesn't include all the graphic improvement that I have been working on yet.

I am calling it the "beta 1" because I still want to add a button to backup your Swat key configuration so that you don't have to re-assign all of the keys after a Swat 3 crash.

Please view the README in the .zip file for install instructions.

version 0.7 beta 1 - December 21, 2015

  • Fixed crash of LR Launcher if no 16-bit colour modes available (Thanks Windows 8 & 10)
  • Moved LastResort.ini to AppData folder
  • Added custom chat support in Last Resort
  • Modified LR Launcher mod list background
  • Added blinking arrows on LR Launcher mod screen
  • Fixed text error on LR Launcher 2D menu screen
  • LR Launcher now replaces corrupt Swat.cfg and CustomChat.dat after a Swat 3 crash
  • LR Launcher tabs now "roll over" with mouse to give feedback to user
  • Fixed LR Launcher updating proper screen resolution info
  • Added feature to only show resolutions with same aspect ratio as desktop
  • LR Launcher itself now changes website URL in Swat.ini instead of LR installer
  • Update link to LR website that explains the command line arguments
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Website updates & Star Wars - December 20th, 2015

After finally figuring out how to get dgVoodoo to work with Swat 3 I decided to update a few pages on this website to reflect this new information.  Some of the pages were long overdue for an update.

I should also add the information about running Swat 3 in a window to help with frame rate issues but I will do that sometime in the future.

I should get some sleep right now though (almost 3am).   I need to wake up moderately early for the first showing of Star Wars (10am) today.   I prefer to wait until a movie is almost out of the theaters so I don't have to fight the crowds but with each passing day there is a risk of spoilers.   The local theater near me only had Sunday morning's showing with good seats so I went ahead and bought them Friday.    I caved in and bought 4 tickets for $68 CAD.  It better be good Disney.

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