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Mod priority issues - June 1, 2016

Now that the new 1920x1080 menus are done I continued trying to get the mod ready for release by packaging up all the files.    However when I double check the work to see that everything is working properly I continue to have texture replacement priority issues.

Get ready for some boring technical explanation below:

What that means is when I create a replacement high resolution texture sometimes the game ignores it and uses the original low resolution texture.   If I put the texture in a mod and activate it the game will use the new version of the texture no problem.   This is actually how I work when I am making the new textures (for instance I place all the mission A new textures inside a mod folder called "missiona_new" and then activate it just like any other mod).

Now that I am trying to release a new version of Last Resort when I package everything up the new textures are no longer activated like a traditional mod.  This is when I start having file priority issues.

The only way to fix this is to search out which new textures aren't getting displayed properly and use a hex editor to modify the texture names so the game thinks they are whole new textures.  Not only is this a pain in the ass but it also increases the amount of memory the game will use for textures.

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1920x1080 menus almost done - April 17, 2016

Although this is the first really nice weekend of the spring here in Canada I forced myself to work some more on the new 1920x1080 2D menus.   I was busy the last two weeks with real life work so haven't had any time.

Swat 3's debrief screens are grossly inefficient.    Why are there 15 debrief screens that do almost the exact same thing?   Madness.

The latest Fallout 4 DLC just came out about a week ago and I haven't even had time to play with that much.   The sunlight wins.   I am going outside and getting some ice cream at the old DQ.


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Working on new 2D menu resolution - March 29, 2016

Swat 3's 2D menus are .BMP (bitmap) graphics and take a lot of work every time I need to generate a new resolution.   I have been thinking about adding 1920x1080 resolution for a long time and tonight I started to look at all my old Photoshop files.   First thing I noticed is that the old Last Resort main menu graphics wouldn't work any more.   They were fine for the lower resolutions but for this massive size I needed some new graphics.   I spent several hours on Google Images and Bing images and finally found some that I think are good looking.

Below is my first attempt and hasn't been refined in any way yet.

The larger the resolution gets the bigger the hit on the frame rate when on the 2D menus.  Even with fixes like DgVoodoo or WineD3d it will be interesting to see what frame rate we get once I am done.



 Click to enlarge (1920x1080 pixels)

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LR Launcher v0.7 beta 3 released - March 27, 2016

The latest beta version of the Last Resort launcher is out.   This new version addresses several problems that users were having.

Some users found that the launcher wasn't properly showing all available resolutions and therefore couldn't select the 2D menu resolution they wanted.   I added a tick box to force all resolutions.

Another user had a corrupted "swat.cfg" file because of a Swat 3 crash and the launcher wasn't allowing him to load the game.    I added a feature to create a fresh new configuration file if yours is corrupted (and no backups exist).   The launcher also will now give a warning instead of just exiting if the configuration file is damaged.

Download the Last Resort launcher version 0.7 beta 3

You need the full Last Resort mod already installed to use this.   Download this file, unzip it,  and manually copy the contents to your main Swat 3 folder.  This will replace the original Last Resort Launcher.

Please view the README file included in the .ZIP file for detailed install instructions.

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Last Resort Launcher Changes - March 18, 2016

I know I haven't done anything with this project in a little while.   My only excuse is Fallout 4 and American Truck Simulator.   Not much of an excuse I know.   There are also some boring medical reasons why I have found it difficult to work on the mod but enough with the excuses.

Two people have contacted me with Last Resort Launcher problems lately (read about it here and here) so I decided to make some slight code changes to the address them.   Look for a new version of the launcher (just the launcher...not the whole mod!) hopefully very soon.  I will work more on it this weekend so my goal is to release a new version at the beginning of next week.

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Play or mod - January 29, 2016

(my apologies to the cartoonist since I changed one word to "mod")

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