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Another Missed Release Date - October 15, 2016

Ugh, another broken release date goal.   Sorry for this but still working very long hours on the TV show I do lighting on.

We are about 2/3rds of the way though the shooting of season 10 but we have a hiatus (a week off) at the end of October.    This is my new target date.

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Future Plans - August 25, 2016

Sorry for not much information lately on the progress.   I have been busy with real life work (long hours out of town).

I have a break coming up the first week of September when the TV show I am working on goes on hiatus.  My goal is to package up the v0.7 mod and release it during this time.

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New decals Mission A - July 24, 2016

I have been working on more new high-res texture replacements:


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Launcher Changes - July 6, 2016

I spent last night making code changes to the Last Resort launcher.   I noticed a "bug" with the launcher when you hit the big toggle button at the top to turn the mod off.   Technically it isn't a bug but just original poor design choices.

Now with the changes when you hit the toggle to turn the mod completely off the 2D menu tab is disabled on the launcher.  The 3D tab now works properly to select any resolution you want in the 3D part of the game even with the mod turned off (as long as you use the Last Resort launcher to start your game).    I don't know why I didn't design it to function this way in the first place.

In the screen shot below you can see the toggle button and the 2D tab that I am talking about (in case you needed to refresh your memory).


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Examples of dead lights in Mission A - July 4, 2016

I created a few mockup images to demonstrate some of the non-functioning light entities that are left over in Mission A. I assume that they were first done in 3D Studio Max and when they switched over to using Worldcraft they were forgotten about.  For those not familiar with Worldcraft the green square in the images indicate a regular light entity and the cyan rectangle represent a light_spot entity.


click images to enlarge


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Mission A Lighting Shenanigans - June 30, 2016

I was doing some last minute checks while building the installer for the latest release of the mod but noticed an issue with MissionA (Martin Brenner's house).  If you stripped the lightmaps on this mission and then rebuilt it some of the light entities were missing.   If you look in the screenshot below you will notice a difference in the kitchen lighting.

What I suspect is happening is that the lightmaps were originally built in 3D Studio Max and they didn't have to follow the rules as we know them. Early on in the development of the game they didn't have Worldcraft for map making.

When I examine the .SCN file there are 5 references to a "hall_cell" that doesn't even exist.  Some of the light entities don't work.   For instance there is a light_spot entity just outside the kitchen window with the broken wooden louver that will only work if you change the cell name to "kitchen".   I assume that since this doesn't appear in the original they disabled this light and added the louvers over the window to block the view.

I have yet to discover the light entity that casts the missing light in the screenshot below.  One of the 4 remaining entities that I haven't test yet must be it.


click to enlarge image

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