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Another installer issue - January 26, 2017

A user named JonEReb in the forums has uncovered a problem with the installer for the Last Resort mod (version 0.7.1).

If someone doesn't have a path entry to Swat 3 in their Windows Registry the installer gets confused and doesn't know where to install the files to.   Most people have this entry in their Windows Registry so I don't think the problem would affect many.  I originally designed the installer to handle this situation but somehow in a recent update one variable name was changed.

I also noticed another flaw in the installer that existed for years that is related to checking for proper path and version for Swat 3.

A new version of the Last Resort mod is being tested (version 0.7.2).   When it is released you won't need to download this new version unless the Last Resort mod couldn't automatically find your Swat 3 install and gave errors during the install.

UPDATE:   v0.7.2 is available now on the download page.


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Last Resort v0.7 finally released - January 13, 2017

As the title says the Last Resort mod v0.7 is finally out.   You can download it here.

It is recommended that when installing the mod on a Windows 8/10 machine that you leave the tick box option to put the Last Resort Launcher in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

Admin privileges should not be needed with the Last Resort Launcher but I have given it as a tick box option during the install in case your system for some reason needs it.

There is no need to uninstall old versions of the Last Resort mod.   You can just run the installer over the old version and it will replace all the old files.

I am also thinking about releasing a version that you have to manually install from a .ZIP file for those people that are paranoid about security.   Unless real life work gets in the way I hope to have that done within a week (writing up the documentation to explain the install process is the time consuming part).

UPDATE:  I temporarily took down the link to the mod.  There is a bug that is affecting Windows 7.   Since the file was only available a short time the best thing is for me to take it down.

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Version 0.7 Very Close to Release - January 10, 2017

I am in the very final stages of testing the new 0.7 version of the Last Resort mod.   The installer is made and I am going through the process of doing final checks.   In the background I am also working on updating some website pages to reflect the new features.

The mod has grown to 145 mb in size mainly due to new textures and 2D menus.

I am hoping to release the mod by the end of this week.

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Installer Issues - January 6, 2017

Welcome to 2017.   Good luck to all of us, lol.

As for the Last Resort mod I am frustrated with my installer software right now.    Every time I sit down to work on the installer for the beta I get frustrated with it's limitations. Eventually I just procrastinate by playing Watchdogs 2 or Fallout Shelter.

Every open source installer package I look at seems very work intensive (usually dealing with XML files or such).   I am too lazy to deal with that.   I really need to buckle down.

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New target for release - November 21, 2016

The TV show I have been busy on wraps on the first week of December.  What that means is that I will have a lot of free time soon and that I hope to finish packaging up the latest version of the mod for release.

With this release I am going to test packaging the map textures as 8 bit (256 colours) just the same as the original game textures.  It will definitely save a lot of space but the question is will it affect the quality?   I suspect that due to limitations in the game engine a higher colour texture doesn't improve the visuals unfortunately.

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Another Missed Release Date - October 15, 2016

Ugh, another broken release date goal.   Sorry for this but still working very long hours on the TV show I do lighting on.

We are about 2/3rds of the way though the shooting of season 10 but we have a hiatus (a week off) at the end of October.    This is my new target date.

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