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Website updates & Star Wars - December 20th, 2015

After finally figuring out how to get dgVoodoo to work with Swat 3 I decided to update a few pages on this website to reflect this new information.  Some of the pages were long overdue for an update.

I should also add the information about running Swat 3 in a window to help with frame rate issues but I will do that sometime in the future.

I should get some sleep right now though (almost 3am).   I need to wake up moderately early for the first showing of Star Wars (10am) today.   I prefer to wait until a movie is almost out of the theaters so I don't have to fight the crowds but with each passing day there is a risk of spoilers.   The local theater near me only had Sunday morning's showing with good seats so I went ahead and bought them Friday.    I caved in and bought 4 tickets for $68 CAD.  It better be good Disney.

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Hardware update - November 27, 2015

I decided to upgrade my main PC by ordering enough parts to build a new machine.   Gotta love Black Friday sales.   I ordered an unlocked 4th generation I-7 CPU and 16GB of RAM (and other parts) so I can play Fallout 4 and Arma III.   I haven't had an Intel CPU since my very first PC so it will be a nice change from AMD products.   It won't be a top of the line PC but it will probably be the closest to the top that I have ever built (usually I stick to mid-grade components).

Work is expected to slow down around Christmas so I will hopefully have free time to package up the newest version of the mod for a beta test release in about 2-3 weeks.

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Domain Renewal and Other Stuff - November 1, 2015

I renewed this domain name for another year so rest assured I am still committed to this (very) part-time project.   I should take this moment to once again thank Haystakk for very generously hosting this website for free.

I want to continue working on packaging up the newest version of the mod for release but my real life job has once again got in the way.  I will be busy on a Canadian TV show called Murdoch Mysteries until the first few weeks of December.   I have worked off and on this show for most of it's 9 seasons and right now we are working on a Christmas special (we have to use fake snow because there isn't any on the ground yet).

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SCNeditor Fixes - October 13, 2015

One of the most important tools I use every day for the making of this mod is AlienAbducter's SCNeditor that can be found in our download section.  This is a tool that would only be useful to mod makers that want to modify the textures in existing maps when you don't have the original .RMF files.

AlienAbducter was kind enough to include the source code in the release so this weekend I decided to see if I could figure out how to modify and then recompile the code.   I know nothing about CPlusPlus coding so I had to do some fast researching about the language.   I also know nothing about 3D geometry in games and I don't have the time or patience to learn about it now.   I was able to fix a few very minor issues with the app (such as the arrow keys being somewhat backwards when switching between texture resize and move modes).

I also noticed he had experimented with an exporter to dump the map in .OBJ .3DS and .MAP formats.   I reactivated that feature but sadly it wasn't working properly like I hoped (I suspect partially because of how the geometry is built in a compiled map).  There were far too many geometric glitches for it to be useful.

Sometime this week I will upload the newest version with the few minor changes that I made.

After having spent the weekend looking at his source code I am amazed that both he and Furrycat (maker of SCNhacking) have been able to reverse engineer so much about the .SCN file.  It is rather humbling to look through their code. 

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Final Skybox...Honest! October 4, 2015

I know I posted last time in the blog that what I showed you was the final version of the skybox.  I didn't like how high the back hills were in comparison to the church.   I lowered the horizon, added a new second panorama layer captured in GTA5 and I stretched the cloud layer to fit the changes.    I still want to finesse the hills by blurring the edges a little to blend them where they meet the sky.

Sorry, I imagine you guys are bored of reading about this skybox topic.   It is the last you will hear of it...for the church mission anyways, lol.


click to enlarge image

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Skybox Experiments - October 1, 2015

 I started experimenting with making new high resolution skyboxes in my last blog entry.  I also posted a lot of information about the process in this forum thread.

Below is the final result in a side-by-side comparison:

click to enlarge image

click to enlarge image

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