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Free time pending - October 6, 2019

Just a quick update.   The TV show that I have been working on full time completes it's shooting November 8th.   In other words I will have free time to work on the mod after that.

As usual I give my apologies for the massive delay in releasing a new version of the mod.

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Anyone still care? May 19, 2019

I finally got off my ass and did a final test of all the beta files for the Last Resort + NeuWon release.  They all work fine.   I just now have to update the installer package before I can release it.

I came across an interesting problem with my new HP i5 laptop.  It wouldn't do 800x600 resolution.   When I tried to run Swat 3 it would give an error about unable to set 800x600 in 2D mode.   The onboard Intel graphic chip didn't have 800x600 as an available resolution in the list.  I had to manually add it as a custom resolution in the driver (thankfully they make that an easy task).

I started back on the Canadian TV show that I work full time on at the beginning of May (it shoots for about 8 months).    We generally work a minimum of 11 hours per day so I am pretty tired when I get home.   I feel bad that I didn't get this mod release out before now so I have made it a goal to work on it this weekend and a little every weekend until it is done.   I am embarrased how long it has been since the last release.  Procrastination is my evil super power.

PS:   There is a Deadwood movie at the end of May on HBO !!

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Getting very close - March 1, 2019

So very close to being able to release a test version.  I finished up the new 1366x768 resolution and updated the Last Resort Launcher but now I have to go back and fix something fairly small in 1920x1080.  After that I have to work on making the installer so that we can test it.

My son wrote a Python script to help speed up the process so any future resolutions will be slightly easier to generate.  I will need to get feedback from people what resolution they want to use for the 2D menus in Swat 3.   With this first release of NeuWon internet support I will only have 800x600, 1366x768, 1920x1080.

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How did I get so lazy? - January 15, 2019

Welcome to a new year.

I need to get my shit organized. To give you an example of how unfocused I have been at Christmas time I got a new hard drive to put in my computer.   It is still sitting waiting to be installed.  All my existing drives are filled with games and such.

Here is a checklist of things I need to do before I can continue work on the mod:

  • install, partition, and format new hard drive
  • install VirtualBox (partially just as an experiment to try it out)
  • install Windows in VirtualBox
  • install my old trusted photo editing software
  • install the software to make the Last Resort installer
  • install my ancient copy of Visual Basic 6 (not easy to do on Windows 10)
  • intall latest version of Visual Studio to continue the update of the LR launcher

At this rate I should be good to go by 2020.

Recently I was reading an article about how Max Payne had a texture upgrade by using "AI" software to help increase the resolution of old textures using an open source process called ESRGAN.  We will have to experiment to see if this could be any benefit to some of Swat 3's ancient textures.   The problem is that Swat 3's textures may be too low of a resolution to do much with them.   It may be a "temporary" solution until better textures can be made.  Something to add to the "to do" list.



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Anyone home? - November 21, 2018

I finally had enough free time to address a website error that we were getting since June when I updated the version of PHP the site uses.   Now that it is fixed (I think it is anyways) we will hopefully see less forum spam.  I am sure our moderator DarkSynopsis will appreciate that since he has been the one dealing with the spammers mostly.   His help is much appreciated.

The TV show that I have been working on since the spring is finally wrapped and new game releases are distracting me from working on the mod.   Red Dead Redemption 2 is a big culprit.   I decided not to buy Fallout 76 after trying the beta but I have picked back up with my Fallout 4 addiction by starting a new character.

I am still determined to finish and release the NeuWon update for Swat 3 so we can play online like the old days.  It is long overdue and feel bad.   I have also been negligent on checking on the Swat 3 server but I suspect my son has been keeping them up and running.

Swat 3 Reunited:  this massive repository of Swat 3 mods is back online after being down for about 6 months(?)   Great to see it back and that Copy-Cat and his staff are keeping it running!

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What I am up to Part Deux - June 30, 2018

I have been working full time on a TV show since April so haven't had much free time.   We are on hiatus for a week so hopefully I can catch up on some Swat 3 stuff.

The last thing I was deep into for the Last Resort mod was new 1366x768 menus.  15" laptops have become more popular since I started this mod so many years ago and so a replacement resolution was long overdue.   I have completed the majority of menus but I have just started tackling the more complicated multiplayer menus (ie callup screen).

My son Noisyboy has been helping with modifying and expanding a Swat 3 browser map viewer that the brilliant AlienAbducter first made.  You can zoom around the Swat 3 maps right in your browser and examine how the original artists constructed the official maps.   Please feel free to give us any feedback in this forum thread.

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