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Version 0.7 Very Close to Release - January 10, 2017

I am in the very final stages of testing the new 0.7 version of the Last Resort mod.   The installer is made and I am going through the process of doing final checks.   In the background I am also working on updating some website pages to reflect the new features.

The mod has grown to 145 mb in size mainly due to new textures and 2D menus.

I am hoping to release the mod by the end of this week.

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Installer Issues - January 6, 2017

Welcome to 2017.   Good luck to all of us, lol.

As for the Last Resort mod I am frustrated with my installer software right now.    Every time I sit down to work on the installer for the beta I get frustrated with it's limitations. Eventually I just procrastinate by playing Watchdogs 2 or Fallout Shelter.

Every open source installer package I look at seems very work intensive (usually dealing with XML files or such).   I am too lazy to deal with that.   I really need to buckle down.

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New target for release - November 21, 2016

The TV show I have been busy on wraps on the first week of December.  What that means is that I will have a lot of free time soon and that I hope to finish packaging up the latest version of the mod for release.

With this release I am going to test packaging the map textures as 8 bit (256 colours) just the same as the original game textures.  It will definitely save a lot of space but the question is will it affect the quality?   I suspect that due to limitations in the game engine a higher colour texture doesn't improve the visuals unfortunately.

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Another Missed Release Date - October 15, 2016

Ugh, another broken release date goal.   Sorry for this but still working very long hours on the TV show I do lighting on.

We are about 2/3rds of the way though the shooting of season 10 but we have a hiatus (a week off) at the end of October.    This is my new target date.

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Future Plans - August 25, 2016

Sorry for not much information lately on the progress.   I have been busy with real life work (long hours out of town).

I have a break coming up the first week of September when the TV show I am working on goes on hiatus.  My goal is to package up the v0.7 mod and release it during this time.

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New decals Mission A - July 24, 2016

I have been working on more new high-res texture replacements:


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