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Really good news and somewhat bad news - February 25, 2020

First the bad news.   I discovered Tank Mechanic Simulator and have been distracted by WW2 tank renovation the last few days.  I didn't even know I needed this in my life.

Now for some amazing news.  Resident mad scientist Copy-Cat discovered where Swat 3 stores it's view distance in the game executable and now we can change it to whatever we want!

Originally when Swat 3 was released the developers kept the view distance low because of limitations of home computers at the time.  They designed maps around this limitation and generally only gave us a straight line view of about 120 feet.  Extending the view distance removes portal glitches on certain maps and also gives future map makers more opportunities.

You can read about all this in a forum thread.  Great work Copy-Cat!

Image of Copy-Cat at work in his lab

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LR Launcher Code Update (part trois) - February 10, 2020

The Last Resort launcher code update is almost complete.   All features work and now I just need to test it out on all versions of Swat 3 (CD, and Steam versions).   I also need to throw some worst case scenarios at it see how it handles mangled .cfg and .ini files since Swat 3's crashes can do some funky things.  I also have to anticipate what crazy things people might do to their Swat 3 installs.

A new feature that I added to the LR Launcher is that if you don't have any iinterest in hearing Custom Chat sound files then if you delete a specific folder the whole Custom Chat tab in the Launcher will be disappear.   The installer for the LR mod will also ask you if you want to use Custom Chats and won't create this special folder in the first place if you don't want to.

I have decided to call the next release version 8.0 due to so many changes in the code in terms of having to update for Visual Studio 2019.

I have never worked with manifest files yet either and need to learn it's use.   The Last Resort launcher needs to be run with admin rights and from my understanding the manifest file will help tell Windows this requirement and prompt the user.

After all the Launcher changes are done then the final part is I need to work on updating the installer package.   The NeuWon update version of the Last Resort mod is getting so close now I can almost taste it.  Perhaps a month away with luck!


Top image with custom chats feature enabled. Bottom image has it turned off. Click images to enlarge.

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LR Launcher Code Update (part deux) - January 5, 2020

Happy New Year everyone!   A new decade!

Over the holidays I continued to plug away at updating the code to the Last Resort launcher.   I can't recall if I previously mentioned reasons why I am updating the code.  If I have already please forgive me and skip the next paragraph.

The original launcher code was written in ancient Visual Basic 6.   I never upgraded for two main reason: It still worked perfectly fine on modern versions of Windows and I was too lazy to learn the new code changes that were required to upgrade.   However since VB6 is so old we were starting to see problems with some anti-virus programs giving false positives on the Launcher's executable.   A pain in the ass.

As I get older and have some medical issues I find it harder to spend long hours coding on a project.  It is much easier for me to do it in small chunks now but of course that takes much longer.

Don't get me wrong, the usual distractions are still kicking my ass.  I am still addicted to Arma 3.  Lately I have further distracted by The Outer Worlds, Foxhole, Two Point Hospital and TV shows like The Expanse, Mandalorian, and The Witcher to name a few.

I am still working on this project so don't give up hope of a new release, lol.

PS:   I emailed the owner of to see if he can work on getting the Swat 3 servers back up.   I think he has some technical hurdles he has to get over to get the system back up and running but real life is getting in the way.

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LR Launcher Code Update - December 16, 2019

Small updates:

I still haven't given up hope on updating the Last Resort Launcher to the most modern version of Visual Studio.  I have been struggling with converting the code for the EnumDisplaySettingsA function that determines the available screen resolutions.  It seems strange to me that there doesn't appear to be a more modern method of determining screen resolutions other than an API call to user32.   I can't find any information about a better method for Windows 10 anyways.   Still plugging away at updating the code regardless.

I contacted the owner of (the replacement servers from the Won network) to inquire how things were going since the website was down for a long period.   He has been very busy lately and hadn't checked the servers in a while.  He restarted the web server but the Swat 3 server still remains down.   Somewhat worrying.   I hate nagging him too much so I will resend an email soon.

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Free time - November 14, 2019

The TV show I have worked on the last few years has wrapped for the season.  I finally have more free time!

Today I renewed the domain name for this website for another year.   It cost about $18 CAD for the renewal fees.  This is nothing compared to the costs that Haystakk has for hosting this website.  Please consider a small donation to his Paypal link at the bottom of the website.  Even a small donation of a buck or two would be appreciated.

I contacted the owner of about his website being down.   He reports that he hasn't checked on the server in a while but promised to.   You may recall that NeuWon is a method that allows us to play Swat 3 online without any third party software.   The next version of the Last Resort mod will properly support it.

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Dreaming of Swat 5 - October 26, 2019

I recently upgraded my video card to a Nvidia EVGA 2060 6gb and got a free copy of COD: Modern Warfare.   This isn't my normal cup of tea but I figured I would install it just for shits and giggles.

There is one mission that absolutely blew my mind and made me sad at the same time for the death of the Swat franchise.   The mission is a SAS raid on a house in London that reminded me so much of the first mission in Swat 3.  They even have an attic and a tango that hides underneath a bed!

Please, please Activision take this game engine and elaborate it into a Swat game.

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