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Texture Replacement - Dec 07, 2012

Here is a screenshot of a texture replacement I just did for the Last Resort mod. This is from Mission C (the California Security Bank mission).

The top texture is the original Sierra made texture but enlarged for comparison. As you can see it is a blurry mess in your browser and in game.

The very bottom one is a new one I re-created in Photoshop from scratch. Pretty close to the original and not all fuzzy.

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Below is a work-in-progress screenshot of the deluxe version of the Import Store map. The screenshot only shows one of the new buildings and the power lines across the street. More buildings need to be changed and the lighting tweaked.

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Porting of maps - Nov 13, 2012

Copy-cat has been busy capturing and porting over the geometry of some of our favourite Swat 3 maps. After he is done working his magic the geometry is left without textures, and without entities. It is like a blank slate.

The screenshot below shows several days of work re-applying all the textures in Worldcraft. It is still in the beginning stages but already it looks very familiar.

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