Website frustrations - February 5, 2017

I am going to take a moment and indulge myself by complaining about Joomla and the Kunena forum addon.

This website is Joomla based and it really is a source of constant frustration.  I have been struggling for a long time with templates that don't behave very well.   For instance the free template that I have doesn't play well with the forum extension called Kunena.  It seems that there is some javascript conflict.   I was forced to use a whole different template just for viewing the forum.

You may have also noticed that the "latest forum posts" module is gone again.  There is a bug in the module that only shows forums posts of the person that is logged in.  Kunena has had over 5 weeks to fix this yet they still haven't.

Perhaps I shouldn't be angry with Joomla.   Kunena (specifically the newest version of their forum) seems to be the source of many of my troubles.   Why aren't there good forums for Joomla available?   Why isn't it a core feature?

Sorry, my rant is over.

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