Swat.exe and shims - June 24, 2016

gho, the coder behind the very useful DxWnd app, has responded on his forums about the recent frame rate problem that was discovered when "swat.exe" gets renamed.

"I'd bet that the game has "shims" configured to its filename.  As you may know or not, shims are preconfigured patches that Microsoft introduced to its new operating systems (for sure on Win10, I'm not certain starting from when) that patch "on the fly" legacy applications to ensure a better compatibility.  Shims can be applied according to different preconditions, from a particular game path to a given CRC or other more.

I bet that SWAT3 has shims related to its filename, so that if you rename it they will be no longer applied."

It looks like I have to go ahead with changes to the Last Resort Launcher to fix this issue.

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