2 Problems 1 Solution - June 19, 2016

Just some quick notes before I head off to bed (busy with real life work next few days).

Problem 1:

I was having a problem with some replacement textures of MissionA not showing up properly in the Last Resort mod.  The troublesome textures almost seemed random.   I double checked my mod folder and my mission folder to see if something in there could have been the problem.  I was banging my head on the keyboard trying to figure it out.   Copy-Cat made a comment in my last blog entry to check the mission directory.   A tiny part of me was insulted that he would think I wouldn't know about that so out of spite I thought to myself "fine, I will check again so that I can stick my tongue out at him that he was wrong".    I didn't have any fan made maps in the mission directory so at first I was feeling smug.   All that I had in that folder were a few of the official Sierra made downloadable maps that were free DLC.    For the sake of due diligence I decided to open up the official Sierra maps in 7zip.   I was shocked to find that they had included MissionA textures in maps like "Civil Unrest".     Ack!  This was the source of the problem all along.

Now I have egg on my face and have to say thanks to Copy-Cat for making the suggestion!

I have since moved all of the replacement textures for Last Resort into a traditional mod that will automatically get activated by the Launcher.  Thankfully mod textures have higher priority than mission textures.   Problem solved.


Problem 2:

Bounty2k3 posted in our forums that he noticed that the Last Resort mod gave poor FPS performance but only in full screen mode.   When he tested the mod by forcing Swat 3 into a window the FPS performance was normal.

This surprised me since in the past I have run tests but I don't think I ever tested windowed vs full screen.   Anyway, after a lot of testing, I figured out when the problem occurs but I am still not certain why it happens.

If you rename "swat.exe" to a different name the frame rate issue appears.  The Last Resort mod uses custom hacked executables to give higher screen resolutions and higher texture resolutions.   To do this we have renamed the "swat.exe" to "swat_1024x768.exe" and so on for each different resolution.  This method however seems to cause a FPS issue so this needs to be fixed.

As of right now I am still trying to decide the best solution.  Thanks Bounty2k3 for bringing this problem up!

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