Working on new 2D menu resolution - March 29, 2016

Swat 3's 2D menus are .BMP (bitmap) graphics and take a lot of work every time I need to generate a new resolution.   I have been thinking about adding 1920x1080 resolution for a long time and tonight I started to look at all my old Photoshop files.   First thing I noticed is that the old Last Resort main menu graphics wouldn't work any more.   They were fine for the lower resolutions but for this massive size I needed some new graphics.   I spent several hours on Google Images and Bing images and finally found some that I think are good looking.

Below is my first attempt and hasn't been refined in any way yet.

The larger the resolution gets the bigger the hit on the frame rate when on the 2D menus.  Even with fixes like DgVoodoo or WineD3d it will be interesting to see what frame rate we get once I am done.



 Click to enlarge (1920x1080 pixels)

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