LR Launcher v0.7 beta 3 released - March 27, 2016

The latest beta version of the Last Resort launcher is out.   This new version addresses several problems that users were having.

Some users found that the launcher wasn't properly showing all available resolutions and therefore couldn't select the 2D menu resolution they wanted.   I added a tick box to force all resolutions.

Another user had a corrupted "swat.cfg" file because of a Swat 3 crash and the launcher wasn't allowing him to load the game.    I added a feature to create a fresh new configuration file if yours is corrupted (and no backups exist).   The launcher also will now give a warning instead of just exiting if the configuration file is damaged.

Download the Last Resort launcher version 0.7 beta 3

You need the full Last Resort mod already installed to use this.   Download this file, unzip it,  and manually copy the contents to your main Swat 3 folder.  This will replace the original Last Resort Launcher.

Please view the README file included in the .ZIP file for detailed install instructions.

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