LR Launcher v0.7 beta 2 released - January 13, 2016

The latest beta test of the Last Resort Launcher is available for download.  This version includes two new features and one bug minor bug fix.

The LR Launcher now has a button to backup/restore your Swat.cfg file in case it gets damaged with a Swat 3 crash.  This feature is great for backing up your key bindings once you have it set just the way you like it.  Also included in the new beta is a method to set the LR Launcher into Windows 8/10 compatibility mode.   This is only useful for the small amount of people who have difficulty getting the LR Launcher to properly show their available screen modes.   If you don't have a problem seeing the available screen modes I would recommend you not use this.

I would love some feedback from people if this "Windows 8/10 compatibility" mode works for them.   So far it has been difficult to get people to give me enough information so I can troubleshoot the problem.


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