All Ready For Release And Bug Appears - December 31, 2015

I was just doing the final steps of making the installer for the new release and I discovered a strange bug.   So close to finishing up the packaging and an odd glitch is causing me to pause.  On Mission A (the Brenner house) there is a modified texture that won't show up for some unknown reason.  If I run the file as a mod the texture (specifically the file "a_door.bmp") shows up in game perfectly fine but if I enclose it in the Last Resort .RES files the original low resolution texture by Sierra shows up instead.  This is extremely unusual since all of the other high-res replacement textures work fine!

I am starting to think this is just one of those crazy priority issues when it comes to mod making.  Sometimes Swat 3 ignores logic and decides on it's own which files get priority.

Maybe after a night's rest I will have a fresh outlook on the problem.   For now though, I am banging my head on the keyboard.


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