Wasted hours - December 29, 2015

Yesterday and today I worked on enlarging the command menu font but now it looks like the time was all wasted for nothing.  If you run your game at resolutions like 1920 x 1080 the command menu starts to get hard to read.  If you also force on anti-aliasing the text further gets worse.  I experimented with changing to double width fonts and this really helped a lot in terms of readability but what I didn't notice was that some of the words were get clipped on long sentences.

At first I thought that is no big deal I will just find the .CON file or .DAT file that controls the size of the command menu's container.  Nope! It looks like it is hard coded.  [deleted expletive!]

On a more positive note I think I have completed all the code changes to the Last Resort Launcher.  I will try to post the new file later today.

UPDATE: I changed my mind.  Rather that just release the updated Launcher I will finally start working on packaging up the whole mod for release.

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