Last Resort Launcher v0.7 beta 1 - December 21, 2015

For those who want to see a preview of the latest version of the Last Resort Launcher, or if you are having some problems with it under Windows 8 or 10, you can now download the v.0.7 beta.

This is just an improved launcher for the Last Resort mod.   It doesn't include all the graphic improvement that I have been working on yet.

I am calling it the "beta 1" because I still want to add a button to backup your Swat key configuration so that you don't have to re-assign all of the keys after a Swat 3 crash.

Please view the README in the .zip file for install instructions.

version 0.7 beta 1 - December 21, 2015

  • Fixed crash of LR Launcher if no 16-bit colour modes available (Thanks Windows 8 & 10)
  • Moved LastResort.ini to AppData folder
  • Added custom chat support in Last Resort
  • Modified LR Launcher mod list background
  • Added blinking arrows on LR Launcher mod screen
  • Fixed text error on LR Launcher 2D menu screen
  • LR Launcher now replaces corrupt Swat.cfg and CustomChat.dat after a Swat 3 crash
  • LR Launcher tabs now "roll over" with mouse to give feedback to user
  • Fixed LR Launcher updating proper screen resolution info
  • Added feature to only show resolutions with same aspect ratio as desktop
  • LR Launcher itself now changes website URL in Swat.ini instead of LR installer
  • Update link to LR website that explains the command line arguments
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