Website updates & Star Wars - December 20th, 2015

After finally figuring out how to get dgVoodoo to work with Swat 3 I decided to update a few pages on this website to reflect this new information.  Some of the pages were long overdue for an update.

I should also add the information about running Swat 3 in a window to help with frame rate issues but I will do that sometime in the future.

I should get some sleep right now though (almost 3am).   I need to wake up moderately early for the first showing of Star Wars (10am) today.   I prefer to wait until a movie is almost out of the theaters so I don't have to fight the crowds but with each passing day there is a risk of spoilers.   The local theater near me only had Sunday morning's showing with good seats so I went ahead and bought them Friday.    I caved in and bought 4 tickets for $68 CAD.  It better be good Disney.

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