New Textures & SCN Editor - September 24, 2015

I have been slowly plugging away at making more new high resolution textures for missionB (Getts house).   Below you can see some new wall plaque awards.  I know, they aren't exactly good duplicates of the originals but you get the idea. Sometimes I can't obsess about making it perfect otherwise I would never get anything done.


The computer below is better at duplicating the feel of the original.  Please note that I turn off the lighting for these screen captures because this map is pretty dark normally!


I would like to spend a second talking about the SCN Editor that AlienAbducter made for us back in 2012.   It has been absolutely invaluable in helping us replace the original textures in the game.   When a new replacement texture is made there is almost always a need to make slight adjustments to the .SCN file.   I am constantly using the SCN Editor to resize or move textures (or even completely replace a texture on a surface).

The only problem is that when I adjust a texture too much the light map can be broken in the game.  The texture will appear black in the game and shining your light on it won't have an affect.   When this happens I have to revert back and start all over.  Sometimes I can't use the new texture I made and I have to compromise.

I know that AlienAbducter has got a lot further into reverse engineering the .SCN file.   I hope that some day he picks up where he left off and continues to develop his .SCN tools.  It would speed things up a lot for me.

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