WineD3D updated - September 18, 2015

WineD3D was updated at the beginning of this month and I recommend you get this new version if you are using it for Swat 3.   This version fixes the screen tearing issue it that I was having in the 3D portion of the game.

What is WineD3D and why would you need it?   WineD3D is a wrapper to force Swat 3 to run in OpenGL mode instead of DirectX.   I find that the latest Nvidia drivers don't run well under Windows 7 and you end up with unplayable framerates in Swat 3.   The only problem is that many people with AMD video cards report that it doesn't work well with their hardware (due to poor OpenGL support?).

Installation is a breeze.  Once you download WineD3D just unzip it and copy three files into your main Swat 3 folder: ddraw.dll, libwine.dll, wined3d.dll

Visit the WineD3D website to get the latest version.

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