Anti-virus false positives - March 16, 2015

I code all my apps in Visual Basic 6 (please stop laughing).   I have been too lazy to upgrade to the latest Visual Studio because it would mean I would need to re-code a lot of stuff.   This is just extra work I don't have time for.

My Visual Basic 6 apps still run nicely in Windows without the download of any extra software. If I upgraded to Visual Studio you would need to download a framework just to get the apps to run.

Lately though I am thinking of switching to Visual Studio 2013 because my damned anti-virus keeps giving a false positive about Visual Basic 6 files.    Yes, I am 99.9% sure these are all false positives because I keep my machines clean (scanned with up to date anti-virus and also several run-on-demand anti-malware packages).  I have also monitored the communication of my VB6 apps and none of them have made strange internet connections.

Please feel free to discuss this in the forum if you have any concerns.   My biggest fear is losing the confidence of the public when it comes to running my apps and I would never do anything to risk that.

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