TV Station Textures - February 13, 2015

I am jumping around from map to map doing some of the worst offending textures.  I started work on the TV Station this week and wanted to show you a new trophy case texture I created.   The original was very blurry in the game because it takes up a whole wall.   The replacement texture doesn't replicate the original very well but it gets across the same feeling.   Normally I try to duplicate the original Sierra texture as closely as possible but decided to stray a little with the trophy case.

The replacement texture is 512 x 256 pixels.  I could have done a 1024 x 512 pixel texture but I decided it wasn't worth it.   I have to make judgement calls to keep the video memory reasonable.

By the way, hope you have a great Valentine's day tomorrow.  Hope you get some luvvin'!

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