Bug Squashed - February 5, 2015

Well, it turns out I was partially right about my theory.

I completely forgot that my fairly new Windows 8.1 laptop that I am testing out the Last Resort mod on doesn't have 16 bit colour modes.   I am not sure if this is just a Dell driver issue or my crappy onboard video chip issue.

The Last Resort launcher's code has now been fixed to deal with the problem regardless.  Bug squashed in the yet to be released version 0.7.

In situations like this when you don't have 16-bit colour on a Windows 8.1 machine if you place the LastResort.exe into Windows 7 (or even Windows 8) compatibility mode Windows will emulate 16-bit colour in 32-bit.   I wonder if this is the reason why Swat 3 in Windows 8 is so damned laggy?  Perhaps it isn't switching to 16-bit colour mode but instead just emulating it for everyone in 32-bit colour?

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