Swat 3 in Windows 8 (holy lag!) - December 5, 2014

I recently visited the Swat 3 forums at GOG.com and saw that there were a lot of people with technical problems running Swat 3 under Windows 8.   The biggest problems was extremely low frame rate issues.   I just bought a Windows 8 laptop so I figured I would install Swat 3 and test things out.

Boy, they weren't joking about how laggy the mouse movement was!  I was getting 2 frames per second in the menus.  A user in the forum, AdamK47, posted a fix that really helped a lot. 

I started a page on this website for all the Swat 3 and Last Resort fixes for Windows 8.

I also looked through this website and fixed any dead links I found.  I also updated the Swat 3 Patch Wizard to reflect URL changes to the patches.

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