Ready or Not Early Access - December 15, 2021

On December 11th the makers of Ready or Not posted an announcement on Steam that they will be going early access before January.

"We can no longer generate new Steam Keys unless we also go live on Steam, and since we absolutely depend on pre-sale income to continue developing Ready or Not, we have decided to go live on Steam Early Access by the end of 2021."

This is great news for people who have been dying to play the game.  However, the question arises will this be something good for the game's development?   I suspect that they could sell the game for the full release price on Steam during the whole early access because their core audience is so dedicated and passionate about the genre.

Personally, I have been so excited for this game lately that I started to mess around trying to learn the Unreal Editor.  This is going to be a great tactical Christmas present.

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