NuWon Flurry of Activity - September 13, 2021

Suddenly there is a flurry of activity over at the NuWon network (also known as NeuWon)!

As you may recall NuWon are the replacement servers that will once again allow us to play Swat 3 online (as well as many other old Sierra games).    For the longest time the website for NuWon wasn't functioning properly as the owner Ben was busy with real life and didn't have time to fix it.     Just when I was losing faith I noticed that the website has been redesigned and fixed.   You can now once again log in properly and post on their forums.

Ben has also been emailing me in the last few days details about a new method to register the CD keys to play on the Swat 3 server.   The original method of using the Sierra account manager will be replaced with something that functions better.  This will need to be added to the Last Resort installer once the NuWon registration app is finished.

The last piece of the puzzle that I have been waiting on is the admin app so we can properly control troublemakers on the Swat 3 server.   Once all those things are accomplished we can finally release the updated Last Resort mod and start up the Swat 3 servers!

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